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Kattenveertjes Matatabi Sticks

Chewing sticks for your cat!
Matatabi sticks for just € 2.49These rare matatabi sticks are a real treat for your cat. Chew, cuddle or play your cat will definitively love these Matatabi Sticks!

product description

Matatabi sticks are a real must-have for any house where cats live! Your cat will chew on them, cuddle with them or just play around. Matatabi has a calming effect on cats and because they like to chew on these sticks it will also help with their dental care.

Matatabi Herb

Matatabi will also help stressed, nervous and / or anxious cats calm down a bit. Matatabi is relatively unknown, but really popular in China and Japan. The effect it has on cats is similar to catnip, but it seems to be more intense. If you remove the bark of the Matatabi sticks, the effect will be even bigger.
This product contains 2 Matatabi sticks.

It is recommended to remove the sticks from your cats environment after play time. Limit giving the Matatabi stick to the cat to three times a week to prevent your cat from losing interest.

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